Customer Testimonals

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I just had to write and tell you our life and death experience with the Ecosmarte pool filtering system.

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Ecosmarte selected the Highland Park Pool of Endwell, NY as it's international pool of the year

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that my Ecosmarte Programmable system is installed. My pool has never been cleaner and I have never had a better water setup than with the system you sold me. It is fantastic. 

I followed the guidelines, Balanced my PH. Called the help line twice and actually spoke to a real person (on a Saturday no less). No Chemicals, No nasty chlorine smell. I am so glad I did it, 

…I have been using the Ecosmarte system for 3 maybe 4 seasons and I have incurred no repair costs and nothing but normal operations costs. My satisfaction with the system would be 9. I'll never go back to a chlorinated or salt pool ever again. 

So far, I couldn't be more impressed.

Chas Bare 

Installed my system at the start of last season so I am on my second year. I have the base system on a 40,000 gal in ground pool with a DE filter system and performed the hardware nstall with a degree of skepticism. A year plus in and my level of satisfaction is ''10". It has simplified my level of maintenance and chemical costs have dropped to insignificant. Opening the pool was simply a matter of running the pool robot for several days to resolve the fall onslaught of leaves + as the pool is located in the woods. Very pleased with the results and have been talking you up.

David Selleck

Responding to the question how satisfied we are with our Ecosmarte pool system: we are very satisfied at a 10! 

We are glad we do not have to add chemicals such as chlorine into the pool for the safety of our son. 

We are glad anytime we had to call the company (maybe a total of 3 times over a 4-year period) a real person answers and is clearly American speaking and not with a hard to understand foreign dialect. 

My one only caveat was when we questioned the system not working properly we were told last year to test it using a tool we don't own or to replace the fuse and try that. We wouldn't know what kind of fuse to buy or where it goes (lol). I was more comfortable to have the option to send it back to be looked at by the professionals. When we did, we had excellent service on our product. 

My only suggestion is consider rewriting the owner's manual. The unit is simple and simple to use. However, the manual does not flow well; it took me a few times to read it; it seems each year I end up reading it again. I'm not sure what it is about the manual. I think it's not well labeled and outlined for each part. But that's just my opinion. 

The product works! The pool gets super clean and it's amazing because we use no chemicals. Thank you for having a super smart product. I tell people about it, and they are in disbelief we don't use chemicals. I am very thankful my husband found this product!

Janice Schultz

I am writing to let you know how much our family loves our swimming pool since we purchased the ionic water purification system from ECOsmarte. We live in Central Pennsylvania and have an 18ft.x 36 ft. in the ground pool of twenty seven years. During this period of time we have tried several methods of water purification. We started with and used chlorine (HTH) for thirteen years and then switched to baquacil for four years and finally in 1996 we purchased the ionic purification system from ECOsmarte which we are currently using and like very much. The great thing about the ionic purification system is that once you get your water chemistry in balance there is very little work to maintaining a picture perfect pool. More important is the fact that this system provides you pure water without any toxic chemicals and at the same time saves you the expense of those chemicals. In addition, the ionic system uses very little electricity so it is inexpensive to operate. After using all three methods of purifying our pool water I would recommend the ionic purification system by ECOsmarte over all the other methods. You can't beat this system with all the advantages it has to offer.

Roger Guss

Your system has served my pool well this year. The system was installed in October of 2004, and when I opened the pool in May of 2005 the water was crystal clear and blue. Your friendly staff helped me with several questions about the system's workings and are available readily by phone. I just closed the pool for this year and I'm very happy with the ease of maintenance that I had all this summer!

Kerry Viar

We really love our ECOsmarte system. It keeps our pool clean. We like how the water feels, without the use of chemicals.

John & Ashley Duncan

My ECOsmarte system has been wonderful to work with. My pool water has been clear for six years now. Once the system is learned no one should have any trouble, that is if they follow the instructions. I am 72 years old and if I can do it, anyone can.

George Marov

... As a side note, my ECOsmarte has been installed in my pool since 1997 and continues to work with great satisfaction. Best decision we ever made in installing this system. We love our chlorine free pool

Walter Kozlov 

Thank you for all your help with our copper ionizer system. We absolutely love it! Our pool is so clean and chlorine–smelling free! I have long blonde hair, and for the first time in my life, my hair has not turned green! Our friends and family members could not believe it! It is so easy to maintain and you all are always so wonderful and helpful whenever we have a question or concern. You are Johnny on the spot! We have recommended this system to several of our friends and they love the system just as much as we do! Stan just swears by his and Terry just loves the fact that her and her dogs can swim in it and be completely safe!! Thank you again and so soon as we get the pool open this summer we will send you tons of pictures of our clean blue water!! Have a great day!

Chris and Dacia Blanks :-)

My name is Shirley Porter and I would just like to take the time to say how much I love my ECOsmarte pool system. Just knowing that my family is swimming in a chemical free environment makes ECOsmarte the right choice for me. The ionizing copper system makes it so easy for me to keep my pool clean and crystal clear. Also, there is no need to add chemicals making the ECOsmarte system very cost efficient. When preparing to open my pool this season, I had a few questions. I called the ECOsmarte number and was very pleased with the help I was given by Mike. He answered all of my questions and told me step by step what I needed to do. All in all I am very pleased with my ECOsmarte pool system.

Shirley Porter

The nice folks at Pinch–A–Remy have a hard time believing my ten year old pool has never had a drop of chlorine, bromine and bacquacil. We bought your system in 1994 when we were moving here from Ohio and we could not be happier. We are thousands of dollars ahead at this point and everyone loves our water.

Ray Demczyk 

We have been extremely pleased with how your product has worked over those years. No chlorine burn to the eyes, no being held hostage to the pool by having to check the chemicals daily. It is really a worthwhile investment. As a former student at Bemidji, 1968, I learned that great things came from Minnesota.

RJeffrey Draleigh

I absolutely LOVE my Chlorine Free pool!!! And all my friends think its fabulous too. Especially one of my friends that has an allergic reaction to chlorinated pool water. She loves to swim in mine. I have used my ECOsmarte system for 3 pool seasons now and have  became spoiled by it – I don't think I would care to swim in any chlorinated pool now!

Thank you so much for a great system and for the replacement copper plate offer.

Brenda Graham

The ECOsmarte system is the BEST thing to come along in years. It keeps the pool fresh and clean and best of all we do not have to use any of those chlorine tablets, etc.

Thank you I now have time to enjoy my pool more.

Graham Rego

I just spoke with you on the phone about getting Replacement Copper Electrodes. We are very pleased with our system – the water quality was great - though we have had a problem learning how to regulate it. After speaking with you today I feel more confident that we will receive more punctual help when calling you directly.

Judith C. and R. Lee Smith